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Quality and customer service are the hallmarks of the Capitol Archives records management and document storage solutions for businesses of all kinds. Our efficient use of records management technology coupled with secure document storage facilities, extensive quality control measures and local customer support ensures that from pickup - to document storage - to return to the customer, the Capitol Archives system is error free.

Regardless of your company’s size, Capitol Archives has the right records management resources to always provide efficient, cost-saving document storage strategies and solutions.


Capitol Archives’ commitment to quality service enables educational institutions to make dramatic improvements in space utilization while enhancing both operational efficiency and, most importantly, their service to students. Our local records management team members will assist your institution with your short and long term document storage goals. Capitol Archives will help you meet FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), and IDEA (Individuals with Diabilities Education Act) requirements as well as other state and local regulations.


We can dramatically reduce the investment required to secure and protect the records of banks, investment firms, credit card issuers, and all related businesses. By collaborating with its customers to develop Compliant Records Classification and file storage programs and design customized records management systems for unique requirements, Capitol Archives helps identify records' useful life spans and eliminate unnecessary file storage costs.

Professional assistance with meeting complex records management compliance regulations is of utmost importance in the banking and finance arena. Capitol Archives exceeds expectations every time, providing records management and file storage services to financial institutions.


Capitol Archives will help you navigate local, state and federal records management regulations and find the best solutions for your organization. From document storage, records retention, document imaging to document shredding, Capitol Archives is your Government Records Management partner.


Several of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and medical centers trust Capitol Archives to provide comprehensive medical records management and file storage solutions. The management of medical records presents many unique challenges in confidentiality, control and HIPAA compliance. Capitol Archives has the specialized expertise and capability to meet these challenges while at the same time enhancing the productivity and cost efficiency of your hospital or medical practice. That means you can spend more time on the important business of healing.


Located in the Hartofrd, the Insurance Capital of the World, Capitol Archives is trusted by the worlds top insurance firms. Advanced quality control systems, the security of its document storage facilities, and customizable online file management systems, coupled with an outstanding reputation in the marketplace as a customer-focused records management company has attracted several of America’s premier insurance companies to make the Capitol Archives choice.

A file management and document storage program assuring on-time deliveries and unequalled file retrieval accuracy allow the nation’s most prestigious insurance organizations to maintain the best reputations for excellent customer service.


Providing the customized records management system solution to its legal customers is key to Capitol Archives’ success in providing unique legal records management and document storage programs. And the capability to provide extraordinary protection for valuable papers and critical documents means that Capitol Archives is a trusted records management partner to law firms in every market it serves.

The legal community demands the strictest confidentiality controls, retrieval accuracy and consistent, prompt response from their records management partners. Capitol Archives delivers innovative legal records management and document storage programs. Every day.
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